CNSP 2023 Resources

A list of resources that were used during the 2023 workshop.

Check out the videos of all the sessions of CNSP2023 and the CNSP2023 booklet for further information about the workshop.

CNSP2023 Tutorials
Link Authors Description Relevant tutorial
CNSP Resources Skeleton and libraries CNSP organisers Folder structure, basic example TRF code and other useful libraries All CNSP tutorials
mTRF tutorial
Preprocessing script
Tutorial script
Aaron Nidiffer The tutorial covers some encoding/decoding models, multivariate analysis, models validation, and other analyses in the MATLAB mTRF-Toolbox using the Natural Speech dataset. If you plan to run the mTRF-toolbox tutorial, we have made a standardised folder structure where you can store the resources (code, data) used in our tutorials. You can download the resources all together from GitHub. CNSP tutorial (Day 1)
Google Colab Marlies Gillis Introduces a framework for isolating linguistic brain signals toward a neural marker of comprehension, wherein one of the challenges is dealing with correlated acoustic and linguistic features.
The tutorial is based on Python and Eelbrain library. For more information, see the Paper and Eelbrain documentation
Linguistic speech tracking by the brain (Day 2)
Google Colab Ole Bialas Overview of the mTRFpy toolbox, a python library that mirrors the features of the MATLAB mTRF-toolbox, and simulations relating to model fitting and data quality. The tutorial is based on Python.
For more information, see: Paper and mTRFpy documentation
Fundamentals of TRF-analyses in Python (Day 2)