A list of resources that we will use during the workshop. The password to download datasets and scripts can be found here Note that each dataset should be used according to its own license and should be referenced as indicated by the authors in their original submission.
If you experience any issue when downloading the data, consider trying from a different browser.
For the workshop attendees: The main files to download are Workshop basic and the CND version of Natural speech listening below

Continuous-event Neural Data data format
Please check out our CND data format (Continuous-event Neural Data) for data sharing and standardisation. Detailed insights on the format can be found in our data-preparation guidelines.

CNSP2021 lectures and tutorials
Check out the videos of all the sessions of CNSP2021 here.
and the CNSP2021 booklet for further information.

Link Authors Paper Description
mTRF-Toolbox Crosse, Di Liberto, Bednar and Lalor Front Hum Neurosci 2016 A MATLAB toolbox for relating neural signals to continuous stimuli.
Eelbrain Brodbeck, Das, Kulasingham Paper
CNSP2021 slides
A Python toolbox for relating neural signals to continuous stimuli.
NoiseTools Alain de Cheveigné Multiple references. See here a Matlab toolbox to denoise and analyze multichannel electrophysiological data, such as from EEG, MEG, electrode arrays, optical imaging, or fMRI.
CNSP2021 Tutorials
Link Authors Paper CND version
Laura Gwilliams's tutorial Laura Gwilliams Gwilliams & King (2020) Demonstration of sci-kit learn for neural decoding
Workshop basic Di Liberto See data preparation guidelines document (for CNSP2021 participants only) Workshop basic scripts, libraries, and folder structure.
Encoding tutorial
Decoding tutorial
Multivariate tutorial
TRF tutorial
Lalor & Crosse
Workshop tutorial scripts (encoding, decoding, and multivariate modelling tutorials).
Link Authors Paper CND version
Speech - multiple EEG datasets Broderick, Andreson, Di Liberto, Crosse and Lalor Current Biology, 2018 Download (natural speech listening)
Download (reverse speech listening)
Download (cocktail party dataset)
Bach piano melodies - EEG dataset Di Liberto, Pelofi, Bianco, Patel, Mehta, Herrero, de Cheveigné, Shamma and Mesgarani eLife, 2020 Download
Music listening/imagery - EEG dataset Marion, Di Liberto, and Shamma In press Download CND
Speech listening - EEG dataset Brennan and Hale PLoS ONE, 2019 Available after CNSP2021
Preprocessed Speech EEG dataset Broderick, Andreson, Di Liberto, Crosse and Lalor Current Biology, 2018 Download CND
Useful References
Link Authors Description Year
Paper Crosse, Zuk, Di Liberto, Nidiffer, Molholm, Lalor Preprint. "Linear Modeling of Neurophysiological Responses to Naturalistic Stimuli: Methodological Considerations for Applied Research" 2021
Paper Nunez-Elizalde, Huth, Gallant "Voxelwise encoding models with non-spherical multivariate normal priors", Neuroimage 2019
Paper Di Liberto, Nie, Yeaton, Khalighinejad, Shamma, Mesgarani "Neural representation of linguistic feature hierarchy reflects second-language proficiency", Neuroimage 2021
Paper Marion, Di Liberto, Shamma "The Music of Silence. Part I: Responses to Musical Imagery Encode Melodic Expectations and Acoustics", JNeuroscience 2021
Paper Di Liberto, Marion, Shamma "The music of silence. Part II: Music Listening Induces Imagery Responses", JNeuroscience 2021