CNSP 2021 | 2 August - 4 August

Workshop booklet with schedules and abstracts can be found here.

Session 1 - Investigating auditory processing with natural sound listening paradigms

Neural tracking of continuous sensory stimuli
Jonas Obleser

The Temporal Response Function. Concept and basic research
Ed Lalor

Tutorial 1 - CNSP resources

Introduction to the CNSP resources: Tutorial code, datasets, CND data format, and the mTRF-Toolbox
Giovanni Di Liberto

Session 2 - Encoding and Decoding models for neural signal analysis: Use and interpretation

Encoding models and Temporal Response Functions: A method to evaluate neural tracking of speech
Lien Decruy, Joshua Kulasingham

Decoding analysis for cognitive neuroscience research
Laura Gwilliams

Linear modeling of multiple feature representations in neurophysiological data
Aaron Nidiffer

Tutorial 2 The mTRF-Toolbox

Investigating speech processing with the mTRF-Toolbox
Nate Zuk, Mick Crosse, Aaron Nidiffer

Mini-Session - The Eelbrain toolbox

Investigating speech processing with Python and Eelbrain
Christian Brodbeck

Session 3 - TRFs in applied research: case studies

Dynamic audiovisual perception in infants
Sarah Jessen

Using speech-tracking to understand listening-strategies in multi-talker environments
Elana Zion Golumbic


Provocateur: Edmund Lalor

Q&A and Discussion

Provocateur: Edmund Lalor

This work is licensed under a CC BY-ND 2.0 License.