Continuous-event Neural Data format (CND)

A list of resources that we will use during the workshop.

A simple standardised data format defined to encourage standardisation, replicability, and reusability of the code. The CND format will make your life easier during and after this workshop. Let us give you three reasons to use the CND data-format:

  • By converting your data to CND, you will be able to run the CNSP-Workshop analysis scripts without changes. While this will be very useful for the mini-project, it is also an opportunity to make your future code reusable across projects;
  • This will facilitate the comparison of a particular analysis procedure on different datasets (e.g., envelope TRFs from the music and speech datasets just by changing one line of code) and, vice versa, to compare different analysis pipelines on the same dataset;
  • Standardisation will facilitate collaboration between research teams and, in the context of the CNSP-Workshop, it will allow us to answer your questions more rapidly and effectively.
We think it is important to keep things simple and to keep being aware of what exactly your code is doing. To this end, we did our best to avoid turning this work into a black-box and, instead, opted for a simple standardisation of the data-format that will make your work easier and faster while allowing you to have full understanding and control over your scripts.

Please refer to the Data Preparation Guidelines document (shared with all participants) for details on the CND format. Further details will be shared on this webpage after the workshop.