CNSP 2021 Resources

A list of resources that were used during the 2021 workshop. These resources include original and publicly available datasets that were standardised according to the CND data structure, as well as original analysis scripts and links to publicly available toolboxes for the analysis of continuous-event neural data. Note that each dataset should be used according to its own license and should be referenced as indicated by the authors in their original submission.

Check out the videos of all the sessions of CNSP2021 and the CNSP2021 booklet for further information about the workshop.

The main files to download for CNSP2021 are Workshop basic and the CND version of Natural speech listening and the following tutorial scripts:

CNSP2021 Tutorials
Link Authors Paper Description
Laura Gwilliams's tutorial Laura Gwilliams Gwilliams & King (2020) Demonstration of sci-kit learn for neural decoding
Workshop basic Di Liberto See data-preparation guidelines 2021 Workshop basic scripts, libraries, and folder structure.
Encoding tutorial
Decoding tutorial
Multivariate tutorial
TRF tutorial
Lalor & Crosse
Workshop tutorial scripts (encoding, decoding, and multivariate modelling tutorials).